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(: (: (:
having some kind of new year mood nowadays.
i am so happy i have brought everything for my new year clothes.!

working was still fine.
i knew it will something happen with the people.
so therefore i shouldnt care that much.
u have your own bloodly businees i've mine.
FULL STOP from now onward.
just beinging a fool those days.

after work,
stella sms-ed.
she asked me wanna go youthpark for those dancing stuff. those competition. *super duper nice!
well, wented but i didnt met her.
but met wallis & leehua. LOLs..
hmm.. also didnt expected that soul was there too.
didnt stay long there lahs.
after 2 performace i went off.
cas' i just feels so weird there. *wrong clothing..
wented to get my skinny...
aww.... (:
anyways it really make me
feel like gg back to dance.

真的 真的 真的
i miss those baggy baggy clothes..
i miss dance studio
i miss my hat which i didnt wear it for a few weeks. * say san soon.
i miss those beat that making people feel like moving. yea!
i think i gg to mad real soon.

p/s: hiphop is always.(:

일요일, 1월 27, 2008 @ 11:15 오후