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pissed off

i had no mood at all right now!
i mean right now.

please, understand people difficulty when u said people wont understand.
now, i'm already second year ler, which is also last year ler.
lots of things i need to buy from school.
and my dad give me de money, i need half of the money for my phone bills & travelling fees too.
and this 1year i had been trying so damn hard to pay the bills monthly.
who says i dun miss, i miss so damn much.
but money comes to a BIG problems and the travelling distant too.
i know some people may think why dun u ask more money?
my dad he himself also no much money leave after giving us money.
i think now, its time to starts to work and speeds your own money.
if i got the money who dun want to speed the money and do whatever you want?
nth much to explain...

school is so damn sucky today.
i told amy : " today is not my day! ".
yea, thats damn right.
forgot to bring my earset.
cant do anything at all.

p/s: i dont bother to give a damn anymore. i know what am i doing.
FREEDOM, please!

목요일, 1월 17, 2008 @ 1:49 오후