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rong yi shen ping de nu ren.

ytd wented to see doctor.
he says he comfirm 100%
i had food posion.
who is the idiot?
make me so damn sick.
& i really fainted inside my room
like " yi sun jian " nearly dead.
if nobody called me, i think i'll contiune sleeping
& my soul dunno will fly until where.

): very sad lor.
i didnt even catch up the last 咖啡王子。
dunhv the energy to open my eyes and talk.
but hopefully youtube have, please!

luckly lesson was calcelled today.
tmr ALSO(:
nvm, just cancell as many days as you like.
we don't mind, actually.

hopefully i can i get well before FIRDAY.
which is also tmr.
pray hard, limei.

목요일, 1월 31, 2008 @ 11:30 오전