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i'm here(:

WZ,YJ and mink
we played true or dare.
well, we had said our first impression with each other.
so far, ofcas' had good & bad.
actually i was thinking.
i really need to change abit.
where i heard WZ & YJ says somethings which is really right.
which i really dunhv my own decision.
cas' even my old friends told me that before.

actually i dunno how to make a decision, seriously.
cas' i scared. scared my decision may be failed or wrost will make people dislike me.
and i think i am trying to hind problems.
well, i repied all the message that THEY sended today.
no more refused. where i really tired of this topic keep countiune.
and seriously just let times to explain everything.
i am really tired. the way some ridiculous person make me really sick. stop apologize please.
okay, shall end the nonsense here.

well, anyway thank you WZ,MINK and YJ the suggestion of each other. if not i still dunno what am i doing.
shall meet up soon alright?

i'm so sad because i dunno of what!
what can i do, can people please teach me?

if you really want for help, please do so.(:

월요일, 2월 25, 2008 @ 6:34 오후