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stupid day.

What's up with you werido's?
Love me? Thankyou.
Hate me? Fuckyou.

don't know why i getting pissed off by taking MRT train nowadays.
i don't know what the fuck is they looking at?
why? didn't ever see a women before?
some werido is soooo damn disgusted.
she dick her shit ear like nobody business.
&&& you know what. the most disgusting part is
the shit stack inside her nails and she dick it out and throw the shit on the floor. *roller eyes.*
i don't think she's a singaporean. she's from china.
where her china face can see though.
please lah, go back to your contry lah. don't come here to dirty our place.
most fucking pissed off is.
a stupid call from this china lady.
asking for my phone is what brand? and did i have any problem using the phone?
actually i know she was a faker. where i heard that some china lady will come and cheat your money.
okays, since you called. LET PLAY~
then i told her that i cant speak in chinese, can u speak in english?
where actually i know she cant speak in english.
then she told me her english not so good.
okay. then i contiune communicate in english
then this fucker,
fuckoff lah!

if next time i get have this stupid calls again, i'll scold them in vulgarity.
shame of you.
even though i'm a chinese i still hate china people.
please, get off from singapore.

actually i don't understand.
why do singaporean loves china "chicken" so much?
they are so fucking ugly.
werido hair style & dressing.
if i'm a man, i rather choose a thai "man"
than a china girl.

don't ask me why?
cas' i just HATE china people.
please fuckoff.

sorry, for my some violent words.
hehehe.. xD
this is my real person.
so, dont ever let me hate a person.
cas' i don't even know what am i doing & talking.


meeted mink and yanjing.
didnt brough any stuff.
slacked around.
then wented home.
my project?
sigh~ i am so lazy to touch.
can i have a magic pencil?


금요일, 2월 29, 2008 @ 10:11 오후