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I have my futher/dreams to go on.
And nobody or anybody gonna STOPS me.
My futher is on my hand!!
What i gonna be after my second year, i guess i already had an ans.
either two ways of perhaps.
Well, if i am really interested i'll go for it!
Actually i have alot of passion on alot of things.
seem i already started to dance, I'LL contiune and never ends...
I am going back to dance for SURE! ^^

TO: (you know who you are!)
Please, be pour of me! ^^
Sorry for beinging disppointed you last time.
now, i gonna tell you that i am heading back yea.
and of couse a big big no, i'm not gonna be the one i used to be where i belongs last time.
A new places, new faces and maybe a new skills?

meanwhile, please do take goody care. ^^


oh my~ i am so sleepy!
its already past mightnight.
see, you all must be very greatful.
cas' i don't sleep just to blog!!!
(ahhh.. gan dong lei?!)

piang ehhh...
someone make me really felt disgusted.
God, please don't allow that person enter my life!

big 2.5 !!!
here we are tmr.

화요일, 4월 15, 2008 @ 11:59 오후