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Thank you for taking care of us for many years.
I know you have been stressed/upset/disappointed with us sometimes for the trouble we done.. Especially me, always the one who give you ALOT of problems.
So sorry, I cant promise you that I wont giving any problem in futher because things come out in sudden without any expectation, But please let me promise you this, I'll give you and papa all our happiness our joy to you&papa and without regreting anything... Please believe us, We can do it.

Hope you like the bag we gave !! Though we didnt brought any cake this year because of my sister b'day cake leave alot.. *&^%!#$

But hope you still enjoyed yourself

Please be happy with a big big smile forever, I only happy when you are happy! ^^
Stay healthy and let us take care of you!


일요일, 5월 11, 2008 @ 9:46 오전