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haptics ^^
actually i prefect the white colour want.
hmm.. sorry, i only can find the picture of black colour want..

don't think we very shiok!! NOT SHIOK AT ALL!
lesson cancelled because tmr we having a test.
and soon
our 2 projects gonna submit next wednesday(280508).
personal project still have lots of things havent do..
group project is making we all damn freaking headahe!
i don't know how? how? how?
really hate it so mmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
): ): ):

today my day is... bad? sad? i don't know.
i heard something that i don't wish to know about..
but what can i do? i already heard it.
its true or fake? i don't know.
anyway no matter what you are still blessed.
please be happy.

its VESAK DAY! ^^
still having dance lesson.
so great!!
we went to a korea restuarant nearby the school where we dancing at..
we called kimchi and korean rice cake!
and they even have SOJU!
me and the gals wanna have some soju but we still having lesson on.
hahhahahahaahha~ if not i gonna drink that!
but anyway the soju is not cheap, 25 bucks per bottle!
AAAAAAHHHHHH~ so expensive?

anyway, thank you for the gift, gal! ^^

ytd my eyes was pain and red daaaaooo~~~
look at things freaking blur and also very itcy!
but now okay ler..
no worries.. ^^

p/s: Please be happiness. I'll be there to bless you! ^^

수요일, 5월 21, 2008 @ 9:43 오후