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안녕하세요 ( _._ ) (^.^)

i am hungry!
i feel like eating RAMEN!!

do ajisan delivery?? hahaha~
but i cant eat cas' my teeths will hurt!
really really really really hurt

i don't know why is my computer at night work so slow~~
ahh~ S-L-O-W! SLOW!!!!!
i feel like kicking this damn computer down the floor..
hahahahhahahahahaha~ **evil
its like everything work so damn slow
youtube SLOW.
music loading SLOW.
the whole thing is S-L-O-W!!!!
and wrost is the connection is bad..
my MSN auto sign out -.-"

ahh~ i was so mad this morning..
my mum keep switching off the internet cable power..
i was like omo~ what happened? don't tell me its the cable siao again~~
and no matter how fix its still not connecting.. after 30mins of fixing this damn thing, i realize that i still have 1 thing that i didnt go check.
and i go all the way to my sis room and the power is OFF!
-.-" wtf..

second time again.
ALAMAK~ wtf happened again????? huh?
and i walked to my sis room again, its OFF again!

you know why?

argh~ i gonna faint..
she keep on nag & nag & nag telling me to switch all the main power before i go sleep..

sigh~ money money money money MONEY MONEY MONEY!!
if i wish i would turn back to the year that 50cents can buy a bowl of laksa.. hahahaha~

I wonder how they see??
actually few weeks back i saw this specs at Far East Plaza..
i went to try this specs... omg~
its like why do people wanna buy this kind of specs?
i know its style but HOW TO SEE THE PROBLEM IS~~
ahh.. got to believe that the world is changing...

so do believe switch off the power before sleeping. -.-"

okay lah..
nothing much today..

ohh ya ya ya~
nearly nearly nearly forgot...
i watched superband 2 just now and now its the result show..
wow.. the tu tu tu change already.. the sound become more nicer?
last time de is like .... hahahaa~ how to explain???
and i realize today one of the group are from the same dance school with me last time..
omo~ limei you are SLOW!

okay lah~
good night...


월요일, 6월 30, 2008 @ 10:01 오후