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my head.. TT.TT
tell me what happened?
tell me~ tell me~ ( ♬ wonder girls ; tell me )
my head gonna expose soon!!!
aten panadol seem no use at all~~~
&& if i contiune to eat panadol like that, i think i need to go hospital soon !!!

i had been almost staying at home 1 week !
&&& the pain come & gones keep on repeating .. very fun ah??
ohwell, i think my homework gonna be like (*&$%^&*!
ha~ i don't even dare to think..
i don't think i can aim to get the course i wanted to go in highter nite.. sigh~~~~~~~
i think my GPA this term gonna be like shit..
sigh~~~ BIG BIG SIGH~
then what am i suppose to do?


this few days lying on the bed like i am a dead person like that~
so bored. so bored. so bored. so bored. so bored. so bored.
thats what i can say !


People, please tag me no matter you know me anot..
because i am too boring ! (^-^)

토요일, 8월 09, 2008 @ 10:59 오전