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i feel so bad and angry!

damn it.
i dun like this feeling.
i don't know what the people around me are doing...
why can i just have some peace? uh?
because such a small thing have to become such big damn thing?

sometimes i don't make noise, i don't say anything.
its didnt mean that its fine.
i may be sensitive at times..
because i know hows the feeling of being so usless..
i dislike to say " i don't know. "
feel so helpless..

people are so selfish.
as well as i am..
i argee i may be selfish but i'll change myself.
but people will give a damn even if i changed?

i don't give a damn!
because you are the one making yourself who looks like a fool..
and i happily enjoyed my life.

how can i wish just go for a loooonnnngggggg trip and never ever coming back again!

i just need some peace & something that i need to release out my stress. waiting for my vaction to come........
sorry, i may sound emo
but i'm not..
just that i don't understand why..
and felt sad over things..

People, this post i might offenced any people here.
but i don't mean to anybody...
its just thought.. something i am stress about...

화요일, 8월 26, 2008 @ 4:46 오후