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i want this kind of camera!!!
so retro~ hahahahaahaa..

30 aug 08
meeted up the gals to do some stuffs for leean..
ai sei~ we did some flowers.. wow~
so damn nice can??? is soooo much better than buying flower
at least we have the heart to do alright..
and some people says artistic ehh~~
some people keep on turning look at our flower..
of cause lah, we are born to be DESIGNER!!!
want my namecard ?

then headed to a shop where selling lots of paper cards and all nice nice stuffs there...
and i saw some namecards size paper..
oh~ is so nice like heaven.. and my is so ugly like hell~

can you imagine that a namecard size paper without anything only the design can be sooooooooooo nice..
my name card are included fronts, design, names and all nonsense looks so SHIT!

next time if i don't have any ideal for my project, i go that shop..
stay down there the whole day.. hahahahhahaahaha~
i think the boss will chase me out of that shop!
*** this irritating lady..

31 aug 08
its dinner day !
hahahaha~ wented to jasmin's house..
headed to novena first..
leehua ssi, thanks for ya delicious snack.
ajuma~ i don't what happened to make you so stress about..
but i wish ya come back to the ajuma i always see.. the cheerful one and always talk crap to us de ehh~
ajuma fighting! ^^
and not forgetting CHAGIYO!!!
this fews day really sorry to troubled you so much ya..
really felt so paiseh... ahhh~
and really thank you so much for helping me so much..
kamsahamida! ^^
and jasmin ehh..
hehehe~ thank you for the dinner..
really enjoyed alot..
and thank you the BOBO from your dog!
cute dog.. xD

really thank you gals alot..

today. 1 sep 08

wented for a small shooting for zo video..
zo you must be very glad to have us has your student alright!
because we are so lovely...
we made a video for him.. you see~~~~
which ITE students will do that for their teacher?
see see see...
afford alright !
anyway i don't care he likes the video anot but you better treat us go for overseas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahhh~~~ counting down for thailand trip.
meanwhile saving freaking hard also!

angel, i know you are always there to bless all of us!
thank you.
(_ _) (-.-)

월요일, 9월 01, 2008 @ 8:39 오후