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well, i am alil better than ytd.
so no need to worry.
tmr i am going back to school
how i wish i can sick the whole week!
hahahahahahaa~ LOL?
might as well die instead?
*touch wood.
now my stoamche ache like hell.

i am sooo happy!
because the SM tickets is on our hand now.
i am sooo excited.
omo omo omo
(: (: (:
hopfully the k-pop tickets we can have better seats.
thank you.

just now i saw alot of smiley face stickers inside my sister cable.
&&& i serectly cut 1 row out.
muahahahhahaa~ wanna die?



1) Do you have music on your blog page?

2) In your opinion, what TV show plays the best music?
dance battle show. xD

3) How many songs do you have on your mp3?
hahahahaha~ didnt count. alot..

4) What is your sibling(s) name?
lifeng & liyan

5) Do you watch dancing with the stars?

6) What color is your shampoo bottle?
muahahahha~ cant remember.

7) Have you heard the song Last Request?

8) What is your favorite kind of bagel?
bagel? whats that?

9) What are your plans for Halloween?
halloween? no palns. i don't celebrate halloween.

10) Are you dressing up for it?

11) Do you ever wear knee high socks?

12) What color is your shirt?
now? yellow.

13) What color is the last blanket you used?
pink & white.

14) Who have you texted the most in the past two days?

15) Have you read the book Crank?

16) Where do you do your homework?
mostly in school.

17) What color is your binder (or one of them)?

18) Do you like medium ballpoint pens or extra fine?
either none.

19) Is your dad getting bald?

20) Can you sleep with your hair up?

21) Name a famous person you have met.
famous person? i guess alot. muahahahahahaa~

22) Do you make fun of your neighbors?
nope, i don't even know them if they are my neighbor!

23) Would you ever stuff one of your animals after it died?

24) When is the last time you felt left out?
well, i don't wanna mention.

25) Do you like home decorating shows?

26) When is the last time you used a heating pad?
hahahaha~ we don't use that in s'pore.

27) Are close with any of your siblings friends?

28) Would you ever get a tattoo on your leg?
hmmm~ lets talk about it next time.

29) Do you use a wallet?

30) What is the name of your favorite coffee shop?

31) What color(s) is the last thing you bought?
forgot ALREADY.

32) Do you own an ipod touch?
no. you wanna buy for me? xD

33) Want one?
want one? want what?.

34) Have you heard the song gotta be somebody by nickelback?
whos that?.

35) What font are you typing in?

36) Have you ever kissed someone whos name starts with the letter J?

37) Are there any flowers in your house right now?

38) What color is your bra?

39) What does your last text say?
"what time are we meeting tommorow?'

40) Where were you an hour ago?

화요일, 10월 21, 2008 @ 8:55 오후