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lalala. whatever !

G-Dargon and Boss !
they are cute right ?
hahaha. please say


big bang is ♥ ~~

today is raining day. its a cool day.
alot of personal view changed from now onward.
my heart become cool too~
don't ask why~

hahaha. because of a cold day i am down with flu now.
fcuk! who pass it to me?
owe up !!!!! i gonna wack you~
hahhaha. ( kidding! )

seriously, i damn LOVE my camera!
hahahaahahahhahaha.. ^^
wanna know why? ask me personally!
hahaha. my camera make me smile.
( limei, are you crazy? )

sorry for not updating offend nowadays.
will updating more after this week ^^

Beggin, beggin you...... put your loving
hand out baby~

금요일, 12월 05, 2008 @ 12:55 오전