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HELLO ALL !!!!!!!!!

i am so sorry for disappear for days ~
after my thailand trip its really super busy with my work and stuffs.
i know you people have been waiting for my updates right??

i really fall in love with thailand .
wanna thanks the most was cherry and air.
both of them helped us ALOT ALOT ALOT !
hahaha.. and i wanna tell you what.
thai boys ARE SO MUCH HANDSOME AND CUTER, seriosuly !
i shall just go marry to a thai people !
really really really ! i am saying the true !
even my friends agree with me ~
and you know they don't look like thai ~
they look like japanese and korean !
they are damn stylish !
&&&& you know even if they are " ah gua "
they are so pretty than a girl !
seriously just let me die ...
you know you'll felt, ' oh my, she(he) is damn pretty. '

before i start my entry..
wtf with blogger?
why i cannot uploads photos? and i cant even view photos from my blog. damn it !
fine, i shall just find another way ! aish~~~~


(thurdays, 05.02.09)

wented to chagiyo house. stayed overnight.
because heading to the airport SUPER EARLY !
we've to reach the airport by 6 am.
doing some check in.. this and that..
and the flight was 8am?
i dont really remember!

Bkk trip !

finally we reached THAILAND !!

BKK trip !

we met Cherry !
actually she cant meet up us on the day we reached thai.
she need to work in another city in thailand.
but.. end up she was sick that day.
so kind of her, she still came and fetch us at the airport !
she was damn nice.
seriously, the airport was BIG !

BKK trip

hahahahahaa~~~ nice " feng jin ".. LOL.
you know, i didnt know that thai do and muslim ! .____.
and.. i was so curious with everything.
i keep on asking questions. hahaha.
you know, if i were Cherry i'll just give a one tigh slap on that person's face ! ** JUST SHUT UP GIRL !
hahahaha.. okay..

BKK trip !

we reached HOTEL~
yeah yeah yeah.
i don't know why i just loved staying in hotel ..
under tania friend intro
we lived in Pan Pacific hotel.
because tania's friend know their stuffs in this hotel? i not sure but seriously..
aish ~ no words would said how best the service is !
wanna know why?
will let you know if you contiune reading !

got 1 part was soooo paiseh !
hahahahahaha~ i don't know why thai people always said "ka"(for girl) after their words..
and i was imitate Cherry when she was talking on the phone !
i was doing a action talking on the phone and keep on saying
" okay ka " " okay ka "
and you know what ?!
this guy who works inside the hotel saw my reactions !
and he was laughing away !
aish ~ when i saw he was looking at me i was like ...
oh fcuk ! limei, please... behave yourself !!!!
this is 5 starts hotel !!!!!

wahh~~ damn paiseh.
&&&&& you know what..
last time we planned to live in Dusit Thani & Take a nap..
is just beside us??
ah~ our hotel is at the middle !
hahaha. lol.

BKK trip !

after we put our stuffs in hotel..
cheery bring us to MBK shopping center ?
we also wented to Siam !
you know the stuffs was freaking cheap !
and.. i really brought alot of stuffs on the first day !
after cherry wented home because she was not feeling well..
we heading to ..... i don't know where the place is .. !
we wented to eat japanese food !
hahahaha~ i know you all will find us wierd right?
when to BKK to eat japan food first. lol.
OMONA~ ah~~~~~~~~~~ their foos are freaking NICE !
and its freaking freaking freaking CHEAP !
we ordered 2 side disces and 3 raman..
its cost total ONLY SD17 bucks !
**faint !
i'm hungry !!!!!!!!!

we wented to have thai massage..
and.. seriously..
i feel like crying..

me and chagiyo choosed relaxing massage.
but i don't feel relaxing AT ALL !.
i feel PAIN !
and chagiyo massage happily !

ah~ and that guy who massage chagiyo.. i don't know why..
when he looking at me and he will start to laugh at me !
i asked why is him laughting..
he don't know how to reply my question.
because he don't speak english !

then he keep on laughting for 1 hour !

i don't wanna do massage anymore next time.
i only can feel the pain ~~


BKK trip

their train !!!
actually they have 2 kind of train..
they have sky train? and MRT ? if i not wrong..
we didnt have the chance to take MRT but i tried sky train.
we are taking back to hotel..
and Siam was about 2 to 3 stops aways from our hotel?
hahahaha~ i still remember our stations calls..
" Sala Deng "

call me genius !

&&&& guess what !!
i know how to write my name in thai !

call me SUPERWOMAN !

lol. hahaha..

BKK trip

while headed back to hotel..
we were somehow hungry !
we from Mcdonal to hotel.............
they have


and i order it two days ~!
hahahaha.. i don't get sick with it.

i really really really miss tuna pie !
why singapore donesn't have that !!!!!!!
aish ~

BKK trip

headed back to hotel.
wow~~~ their service really best.
they make our room really damn nice.
they put flowers... they put whatever whatever whatever..
you know, really so unexpectted. ^^
hahahaha~ then we become mad girls that night..
lol. but.. its really fun ! ^^

(friday, 06.02.09)
day 2

BKK trip

zi-lian-ing early in the morning.
no lah. actually is just nothing better to do while waiting Cheery to come.

BKK trip !
BKK trip

we take bus and tuk tuk !!!
actually Cherry do drive but because of the BIG traffic jam we decieded to take transport !
first we take bus to chinatown..
we went there to buy some stuffs... after that we take tuk tuk back to our hotel..
and what can i say was the tuk tuk diver was..
COOL ! he really CHIONG & CHIONG and CHIONG.. i don't know why is he so rushing about?... hhahaha
althought kinda dangerous but who care ?!
but the thing i really cannot tahan was their engine.
wah~ the smell is like .. aish~~~
and everwhere is that smell !!!!!!!!!!!!
hahahahaha~ i cover my nose way back to hotel ! lol.
after awhile Cheery drived us to Platinum mall?
wented to buy some stuffs also.
while driving waiting for green light to go..
this guy came to cherry car and washed her car for nothing!
and i was like like SHOCKED !
actually this is normal ~
after they cleaned finish the owner of the car will give them some money..
and Cherry told us.. some car owner didnt give them money and drive away.. because the people who washed the car they didnt asked permission to do so.. they " xin gan qing yuan " to do it.
so people can just ignone them.
but our Cherry she's a nice and kind girl.
she did give so moeny to them ~~~ ^^
while headed the place Cherry sister joined us also.
she has very intresting name.. she called " Air ".
hahahaha~ anyway she's a VIP !
wahhhhh~~~~ VIP ROCKS ! ^^
and she like junsu too ~ hahaha. ^^
really nice to meet her !

while shopping..
chagiyo and tania looking at their bags?
i was looking at the shoes at another shop alone..
and this thai girl.. i don't know why she keep on looking at me..
because i keep on walking pass her? or i did something wrong?
but i just hack care.. since i was foreigner and i really don't know anything.
she was sitting down trying her shoes.. and i was looking the shoes..
and.. i was kinda sad because no shoes fit my foot. so was like..
): ): ): ): ):

and this girl started to talk to me..

she said don't know don't know what "shuai"
i wouldnt heard it.. then i was like?
HUH? shuai?

she : yes, shuai !
me : SHUAI????? .______.
she: ya. shuai means pretty and cute (in thai) ! *she still trying her shoes..
me: **i thought she was asking me is her shoes nice?..** so i pointed to her shoes.. shuai?
then she started to laught !

i was like HUH? WHAT?

then she said

" no, shuai ! "

me: ** roll eyes ** shuai? means pretty ? your shoes?
she: laughted again !
me: .___________. * whats going on?

and i just ignone her. and i faster rushed back to find chagiyo...and i told her what happened..

after awhile i saw her again !
she walked pass me and she said

aigoo~~~ shuai!!!!


hahahahaa~ and i asked Cherry what is shuai means?
she said cute !!!

is she referring to me? hahaha.
lol. okay ! whatever ~!

BKK trip

our dinner !
we wented to a thai restaurant.
and the menu... HAHAHAA~
we were like.. eh? ah? oh? huh?
but the dinner was great !
i ordered green curry.
not really spicy but very sour !
but i really love it.
and the waiter waitness all talk in thai !
we don't understand..
hahahahha~ its really really really funny !


day 3 and day 4..
will update soon !
please stay tune.

to be contiune ...

목요일, 2월 12, 2009 @ 10:51 오후