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i'ma korean freak ! :D

Hwang-jin-i ...

this super nice show.
★★★★★ (5 starts!)
i can stay at home without going out just to watch this show !
hahahahahhaaha~ yes, i'ma hardcore person! :D
do watch it people.. ^^

and, jin-yin ex boyfriend is super cute but he dead after this, in this drama!
how sad,uh? TT

well, i just come across to an anonymous blog.
( for privacy i shall not mention who's the person and stuffs. )
and this person was cursing people's dad who are already dead 3 years ago!
i was like "woah~ you are so mean and its not funny at all, seriosuly ! "
and the entry have alot of comments after thiis...
actually i really wanted to comment too. but i don't know why i cant ! TT

some people comment were like

" i wish that was your dad who are dead ! " <- this comment make me lol ! haha~
*vulgar* *vulgar* *vulgar*
*talking sense*
*and even god appear in the comments*

and, you know if not a really nice thing to saying bad things when people's dad are dead.

after seeing the comments i was quite pissed !
lol. i don't know why ?!
and i think its quite ridiculous when you dislike this grp/ people, and you helped this grp of people opened a " anti videos, anti blog, anti photos... blahblahblah. " and worst this person knows their latest news ~

sound funny right?
if i were dislike a person/grp i wont even give a damn to check on them/him/her !
i don't even see that person/grp~

making attention ?!
no, its childish !

sometimes people just need to appreaciate people and learn how to love people !


목요일, 4월 09, 2009 @ 6:37 오후