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i am super angry ~

i really cant stand people who lied !
today my col say alot of things about what my another col had did~
she totally a bitch !

and think back, her f*cking sickening face make me gross !
she still can act with me just now!
just f*ck off lah !

seriously, i never thought that she is this kind of person ~
really saw her true colourful tail !

anyway today i'm late for work !
because of the big rain and damn, i forgot to bring my phone when i've already reached LRT station !
i have no choice... so asked the LRT station uncle who selling crackers to help me !
and he really kind enough to helped me !
then my sis pass me my hp and rushed to work.

reached work its already 12.20pm !
and soooooo damn that my work place is soooooooo sunny !
i am so paiseh to late then i aksed ajuma i work until 9.20pm to pay back the 20 mins for late ! she agreed.
hahahahahaahahahah.. anyway i cant believe she super fan lady! haha.
she's funny ! :D


토요일, 9월 19, 2009 @ 1:23 오전