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wow !

I give the movie 5 stars !
really nice.
and, i chua tio quite a few times.
( don't laugh at me okay ! )

meeted WS for lunch.
we was discussing our trip schedule..
until now our schedule have not been fix ! because quite alot of things we still cannot comfirm.
TT walao faster comfirm lei then we can comfirm our schedule too. (:
after lunch headed to The cathy.
saw this frank guy ! OMG~ he's fcuking smelly and he were rubbing a black black thing i don't know whats that. nearly fainted when i passby him..the smell really sting !
and i told WS that guy really make me gross !

after shopping around we headed back to cinema cas' our show was 7pm.
and that freak was still there ! OMG~ because we were early we settle down at the sofa & discussing about that guy !
as soon as the time went by the people getting more, the people walking pass him even more and more. and, we even bo liao dao~~~ watch the people reaction when walked pass him !
hahahahahahaa. i know we were kinda bad but ..... you know !
awhile after we have to go for our movie.
the theater was FULL HOUSE !
see, how popular the show was.. hahahaa...

they have 5 stories in this movie.
funny was the whole theater the people were "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOOD,OH MY GOD" everwhere. hahahahaa. actually the sound is kinda gross lah. hahaha.

after movie meeted WL for dinner.
and headed home.
city hall was FULL OF PEOPLE.
cas' of the F1 thingy.

yeahhh~~ 1 MONTH LEFT TO KOREA .
feeling so excited also kinda scared that we may lost our way !
hopefully nothing happend. ^^*
and my elder sis kinda crazy over taking plane or having oversea sick ??? idk.
she next week going thailand next month going cambodia and this coming december she going M'sia !
and i was telling her why all the country you going all so nearby ? go further abit lah ? like me ! hahahaahahaha.
and she asked me wanna go peneng ? HAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA...
you must be joking, sis ?!

일요일, 9월 27, 2009 @ 1:34 오후